Excellent communication and support

Mr. Rassner has been excellent in helping me deal with estate issues arising from my fathers passing. He has been supportive and reassuring when I ask questions. I like his direct answers, they help guide me thru this process. My father has a Trust (not created by Mr. Rassner), but not all assets have been placed in the Trust. He is helping guide me in how to deal with those items NOT in the Trust. And, even with assets in the Trust, he has helped me in how to document and distribute these assets to the other family members. Out of the five kids, my father left me the Trustee. Mr. Rassners’ guidance and support is helping things run smoothly. I have had many questions of him, mostly thru email, and he has been quick to reply with helpful and clear answers. So… I am extremely happy that he is here to help me. Honestly, I feel LUCKY that he’s helping! He will be my attorney for any future transactions I may need.