When it comes to real estate, whether you are buying or selling, you have a major financial stake in the matter. Ensuring all the paperwork is in order, and legally sound, is essential to the interests of all parties involved. Kramer & Rassner, P.A. helps buyers or sellers in residential or commercial real estate complete secure real estate transactions.

Real Estate Contract Review

Real estate contracts include all aspects of a transaction. A binding contract:

  • Identifies the buyer and seller, as well as any brokers or agents who expect to be paid upon signing of the contract
  • Lists the property being sold, including the physical address of the property and any additional information that could be used to help identify the property
  • States the sales price of the property agreed upon by the buyer and seller
  • Clearly states any expectations held by the buyer and seller in regards to the purchase (including any repairs or additions promised to the buyer by the seller)
  • Is signed by the buyer and seller, both of whom are mentally competent to enter into a legal agreement under the law

Once a real estate contract is drafted and signed by both the buyer and seller, it is considered binding and provides legal protections to both the buyer and seller.

Miami Real Estate Attorneys

Most people will make few transactions in their lifetimes that carry the financial weight of a real estate sale. To ensure you and your property are protected, it is never advisable to sign a contract without letting an attorney take a look at it first. Your real estate attorneys know what to look for to make sure there are no hidden fees, unreasonable requirements, or unexpected changes to a contract before you sign, and will cut through the legalese so you know the contract says exactly what you think it says.

When you are getting ready to buy or sell a property in Southern Florida, Kramer & Rassner, P.A. can help you through the process. Based out of Miami, the law firm provides real estate services to residential and commercial clients, both domestic and international, concerning properties throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties. While other attorneys’ offices are closed, Kramer& Rassner, P.A. is available on nights or weekends, so you will never lose out on a property because your legal representative was unavailable to take your call.