The successful purchase and sale of businesses often requires help from an experienced Business Law Attorney. Without assistance from a knowledgeable legal professional, a business transaction can become a disaster quickly.

Kramer and Rassner, P.A.

The law firm of Kramer and Rassner, P.A., has provided complete Business Law legal services to individuals and companies in Miami, Fl, for over 35 years. We are experienced with all aspects of business transactions, and we work with both domestic clients and international clients. We are proud to have the honor of the highest possible rating, AV, for providing top-quality legal services.

Our attorneys, Jeffrey S. Kramer and Wayne H. Rassner, grew up in Miami and are committed to serving people in this area with their exceptional legal knowledge and skills. Helping clients succeed in business transactions, real estate deals, and litigation is a major portion of the work they do at Kramer and Rassner, P.A. We welcome new clients and are always available to answer your questions about business transactions.

Business Transactions

One of the most important decisions a business owner will ever make involves business purchases and sales. There are many details that are part of a business transaction involving change of ownership. Making the best possible deal can involve many steps before the action is complete. From start-ups to mergers, acquisitions and global expansion efforts, when you have an experienced legal team to work with, you gain confidence and assurance that the results of that activity will have the best possible outcome.

  • Business Purchase or Sale – Taking over or selling an existing business can have long legal strings attached. We help clients discover any potential problems before their deal is signed, so the outcome will be favorable. Other reasons to have our team help you make that next business purchase include: liability issues, existing contracts and responsibilities, title issues, product rights and more.
  • Real Estate – When the business purchase or sale involves property, there are always legal concerns to address, including clear title, liens, premises liability and any other claims against the property.

Our law firm serves people from Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Monroe County, FL. We welcome your inquiries about business purchases and sales, 24/7. For experienced legal advice, consultation and representation, contact the law office of Kramer & Rassner, P.A., in Miami, FL. Call us now, at (305) 270-8876.