Trustworthy, Honest, Expert, Competent, AND easy to work with.

Since 1979, I have brought all my legal matters to Wayne. He has helped me with the creation of an S Corp., several real estate buy’s and sells, review and advise on my corporate merger, prepared promissory notes, and general legal advise on any number of issues. Wayne has saved me money, helped me make money and has earned my trust.

– Sandy  five_star_rating

Great Service

I have used Mr. Rassner for several years now for different legal issues. He and his office staff have always been attentive to me and my cases. Mr. Rassner is not one of those attorneys that waits to the last minuet to prepare his case. It is quite evident when you have a consultation with him that he has done his work diligently. He has never disappointment with the outcome of my cases.

– A Client five_star_rating

Wayne Rassner’s Real Estate Attorney Review

Wayne Rassner is very dedicated, very detailed, very accurate and pro-active. I have used his services several times and have always been very satisfied.

– Francois five_star_rating

Property purchase transactions

Wayne Rassner has represented us in several occasions. He and his crew have never failed us in keeping us up to date on all transactions, as well as protecting us from any misleading interpretations from any source. I have trusted Attorney Wayne Rassner with all my legal matters and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

– Francisco five_star_rating

Corporate and Real Estate Attorney

Wayne Rassner has been our lawyer for both our Corporate needs (contracts, incorporation, etc.) and handled our Real Estate needs (separate company) on multiple occasions… his thoroughness leaves us with a comfort level that nothing will slip through the cracks! His honesty and transparent nature eliminates any guess work or fears. Very lucky to have found him, and have been using him for years!

– Jason five_star_rating

Thorough, skilled and cares.

I’ve had the pleasure of Mr. Rassner’s assistance on two occasions. The first time, I had to infuse new money into a faltering company that I was a part owner. To protect my additional investment and keep the company running, I needed an entire new set of corporate documents and an investor agreement by the next day. He stayed up extremely late until the documents were completed and then was at his office first thing in the morning after just a few hours sleep for the closing. Because of that experience, we used him to help draft corporate documents and the investor agreement for another start up I was confounding. He not only made sure the document covered all our business concerns, but was a valuable source of legal advice. All of the cofounders felt at easy in asking Mr. Rassner questions and requesting modifications.

– Mark five_star_rating

Lost and screwed without him

My mother-in-law passed and the executor was taking advantage of the death. He was taking items saying he gave them to charity and that she only had a savings account. Wayne got to the bottom of it finding that she had CD’s and that the furniture and TV’s that were supposedly given to charity could not be validated by the charity.
Wayne will be my attorney for as long as he practices.

– David five_star_rating

Highly Recommend

Wayne has been a vital part of our success for many years. He has handled real estate, estate planning and issues for our business legal needs. Strongly recommend.

– Jorge five_star_rating

Excellent communication and support

Mr. Rassner has been excellent in helping me deal with estate issues arising from my fathers passing. He has been supportive and reassuring when I ask questions. I like his direct answers, they help guide me thru this process. My father has a Trust (not created by Mr. Rassner), but not all assets have been placed in the Trust. He is helping guide me in how to deal with those items NOT in the Trust. And, even with assets in the Trust, he has helped me in how to document and distribute these assets to the other family members. Out of the five kids, my father left me the Trustee. Mr. Rassners’ guidance and support is helping things run smoothly. I have had many questions of him, mostly thru email, and he has been quick to reply with helpful and clear answers. So… I am extremely happy that he is here to help me. Honestly, I feel LUCKY that he’s helping! He will be my attorney for any future transactions I may need.

– Val five_star_rating

Honest lawyer

Mr. Rassner has provided various real estate, trust, estate planning and contract legal services for me and many of my clients over the past 20 or so years. The service has always been excellent, timely and fairly priced.

– Thomas five_star_rating

Excellent, strategic, and detailed attorney.

Wayne Rassner has represented me in many real estate transactions. He has also helped with business transactions. In all cases, he was thorough, professional, and paid attention to the smallest details. I strongly recommend Wayne Rassner to all of my friends and family.

– Glenn five_star_rating

A Lawyer with Ethics and a Heart

They don’t come any better when you need legal assistance with your real estate transactions or business transactions as I have used him for both. When you work with Wayne, he is the one who loses sleep at night over things- not me. In multiple transactions he has always been thorough and on occasion identified problems with closing documents that needed to be addressed and ended up going in my favor. When reviewing business contracts for me (specifically buy/sell and employment contracts), he has raised issues in his review of contracts that avoided future problems. Cannot say enough about his integrity and his commitment to looking out for your best interests.

– Martin five_star_rating

Excellent Attorney

Wayne has represented me in numerous matters over the years. You can not find a more knowledgeable, honest and more professional attorney. I wholeheartedly recommend him for your real estate, business, corporate, insurance or personal injury needs.

– Don five_star_rating

Probate Assistance

I met Mr. Kramer when I hired him to handle a probate matter for me. As soon as I met him, I realized I found the right I attorney. His demeanor put me at ease, he explain the process to me and answered all my questions. He understood my concerns including my financial situation, and was willing to work me in order to complete my legal matter. Even after the completion of the probate, Mr. Kramer has been available to answer my questions and provided me with assistance/references even when it didn’t involve my legal matter. Additionally, his staff exhibits his professionalism and integrity which is hard to find normally but especially in an attorney. He did an amazing job on my probate and I highly recommend him for all your legal needs.

– Susan five_star_rating